Christmas Gift Guide 2019: For Him

The gift guide that is most popular year after year is here, friends: the gift guide for him. I have to say we still stand behind every single item in O’s MVP gift post and most items are still available so be sure to head there to see his favorite (the watch is still his favorite gift he’s ever received.) When it comes to gifting our guys, I think it’s most important to purchase from a balance between what they need and what they truly enjoy. I shared before that I thought I knocked it out of the park for our first Christmas only to find out O doesn’t truly want a single thing besides toys-everything else is just delicious icing on the cake. Try to think of “that thing” for your guy as you go through this list and I know there’s something for every guy on your list!

A few disclaimers before we begin: 1. O and I don’t drink at all. Aside from taking communion once a week he doesn’t touch alcohol so this list doesn’t have any of those cool whiskey cubes or decanters or things like that. There are no cigar cutters or flasks or beer flights or any of those things-though those may be a wonderful gift for your spouse. 2. 60% of his gifts are Transformers from specialty makers because that’s his favorite thing. He collects them, making them the ultimate gift-maybe your spouse looks forward to a new pair of sneakers or a golf club (I don’t know a thing about golf, do you get clubs one at a time??) or a knife set or a jersey. Again, it’s super important not to just look at what seems like a cool gift and instead to think of what would really make him feel special.

Last thing before we get started- we got this soundbar for the Lakehouse this summer and O just suggested I add it to the list. (He never, ever does that so this means something.) If your spouse loves music or wants to have a better way to get sound throughout the house for both your phone and TV, this is for him. It’s pricey but more than worth the investment-which I can vouch for because at full capacity it will genuinely shake the building. Okay, okay. Here we go:

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Some standouts:

The Robe: This is one of my favorite brands for O. I get his hoodies and joggers from this same brand too because the quality is second to none. It’s a Canada based company with such sleek and cool designs. I don’t know if you all remember when we were in L.A. this past summer but I made some Instastories in the robe they provided in the hotel. Guys. This was that robe. It’s on my Christmas list too because its jersey and lightweight and feels like an enormous hoodie and I couldn’t love it more.

The Headphones: If you’ve seen O’s MVP gift guide from a couple years ago (here) you’ve seen his love for these wireless, noise cancelling headphones before. I had to include them again because every man I know sings their praises and shouts from the rooftops that they are the superior noise cancelling headphone. O is the type of guy who would never wear air pods or an in-ear headphone so these are his love forever. They’re so worth the investment.

The Bible: O uses the Logos software and the Bible he got when he got saved but if your guy is looking for a new Bible that has an updated look, is super aesthetically pleasing and has all the features you love in a She Reads Truth Bible, this would make such a wonderful gift. I personally would gift it with a book to study alongside with or a notebook for him to work through scripture with.

Smartphone controlled Paper Airplane: Oshiolema and O make paper airplanes together and every time, without fail, O ends up super into it and continues his skills long after Oshiolema has gotten bored. This just seems like such a fun “guy gift” that they can pretend is for quality time with their kids but really…it’s just for them.

The Duffle Bag: I got this bag as a birthday gift for O this year and he’s such a fan. I wasn’t sure how it’d go over since he’s pretty loyal to his luggage but this is the most perfect bag possible for weekends, shorter trips and as a soft carry on. The material is dreamy and I use it even more than him (it’s the best bag to steal from your man-trust me.)

The Mini Ninja Turtle / Mini PacMan: Need I say more? They’re mini arcade games! So inexpensive and fun as a stocking stuffer.

The Ultimate Sneaker Book: If your guy is a sneaker-head, this is a phenomenal gift. O is not whatsoever but I always gift him a book from this brand based on something he loves (boxing and comics in particular.) The images and details are always incredible and they’ll be blown away at your thoughtfulness. Plus- they can be included in your home decor since this makes an amazing coffee table book. I linked a pair of luxury sneakers and a pair of more casual sneakers (wait for Black Friday for both, of course) but here are some more sneakers to pair with this book:

I like to gift with a theme. I take into consideration his current season and the upcoming season and see what would be a special and exciting thing. Has he been super busy lately? I might give him slippers and a robe and a book he’s really been wanting…or a year subscription to Playstation Now and some open nights to veg out. Does he have a lot of travel coming up? I might gift a suitcase or carry on bag, a cozy travel hoodie and noise cancelling headphones. Is he studying or going back to school? Maybe a special pen, a Moleskin journal, a reusable coffee cup. Possibly a Nespresso maker for both of you? It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it doesn’t have to be a million dollars. I just love a thoughtful gift that tackles both “need” and “want.”

Last year, O’s big gift was his Logos Bible Software. It’s proven to be everything he dreamed of and more and he uses it to study the Word every day.

Favorite Places to Shop for Men’s Gifts:

Nordstrom-hands down. Their return policy is THE BEST EVER. It’s reliable and they have such a great selection of everything from clothes and shoes to home and accessories.

Mr. Porter has always been my favorite place to shop for fancy, special, one of a kind gifts. They package gifts with a calligraphy label with your spouses name and it makes everything feel that much more elevated. Be sure to shop via the price you want to spend because things can get very pricey. If you’re looking for luxury gifts like luggage or shoes this is your spot. You’ve been warned.

Urban Outfitters has some really rare gifts. You’ve got to dig around quite a bit but there are some definite gems.

Lululemon, of course.

Madewell Mens and JCrew if you’re just looking to update his wardrobe a little bit

East Dane is one of my favorite places to shop for men. It’s the Men’s section of ShopBop which is one of my personal favorites. Again, this gets pricey quickly too so be sure to shop by price and keep your eyes out for some really special stuff. Opt for the gift wrap!

And don’t underestimate the thoughtful gift that doesn’t come from a store. I hope you find this helpful! My men’s gift guide is always the most shopped from so I’m curious to see if this year plays out that way too!

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