A Day at Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market Waco

Last week I packed the car up with snacks, the babes and our little potty to make the two hour drive to Waco. I still am shocked every time we exit the highway and almost immediately see the Magnolia chaos. My parents met at Baylor University (Chip and Joanna’s alma mater and the only other draw to Waco) so we spent lots of time there growing up. When I say there was nothing there, I genuinely mean nothing. Looking around to see the city full out tourists- people who actually chose to travel to this little Texas town-it gets me every time. What a gift the Gaines family has given the wonderful city of Waco!

While Magnolia Market itself is certainly the draw, the details surrounding the experience are all special. I’ve only ever been inside the bakery once since I 1. can’t eat anything in there and 2. the line is always wrapped around the building. I will say, however, if you’re making the trip to Magnolia as a one time thing, go. Wait in line, use the bathroom, sit outside and enjoy your treat. The design details in there alone are worth it enough and I hear the desserts are delicious!

The garden is my very favorite part of Magnolia for myself. This time of year it’s filled with Heirloom pumpkins and autumn plants in every shade of green you can imagine. If you’ve seen Joanna’s own personal garden, this is like a little slice of that free to be explored.

Magnolia Market with kids, Magnolia Market in the Fall

If you have kids, the lawn is a treat in itself. They have many games for kids to play with, balls and building blocks and all sorts of things to entertain the littles while you sit and talk or wait in line at the food trucks.

Dining out is a little different for us with our diet, especially here in the south, so I always bring a full meal plus snacks whenever we’ll be somewhere for mealtime. I did something very unlike myself and grabbed the kids a sno-cone to split (and asked for exactly one squirt of flavor each) and even though it was essentially just ice, it made their week! There are so many delicious food trucks to choose from and no matter what you’re craving, you’ll leave so stuffed and scheming how to fit more food in your stomach.

Magnolia Market in Waco with kids

Two toddlers and all the beautiful, breakable things tends to be a sticky situation. I tried to do the long leisurely stroll through the Market but it lasted about 6 minutes TOPS before I was back outside playing catch with the kids. A time to mourn and a time to dance, right?

We stayed to visit some more of our favorite go-to shops in Waco (Spice is a must!) before heading to dinner at Ninfas.

I loaded up the kids just past bedtime, turned on their sleepy car music and hit the road just before the skies really opened up with a horrendous storm. I had a moment then. I had to pull off the freeway because I couldn’t see a thing and right there in the gas station parking lot, I realized this was a day for the books.

When i look back on my memories as a mother, this day will always come to mind. Being so aware of a memory in the making made the drive a special one, even through the 5,000 “whys” and overtired tears, it was a night in the middle of the good ol’ days and I’ll cherish it always.

Magnolia Market with kids

If you can’t make it to Magnolia Market this fall, you can shop their amazing line at Target here and of course, their website with all their goodies (the Christmas candle, guys!!!) right here.

Magnolia x Target favorites:

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