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Happy Friday, friends! This week was so lovely. I drove the kids down to Waco Monday; it only takes two hours to get there, but somehow that “only” seems to disintegrate when it comes time to turn around and come home. It’s not “only” at all. But once they both fell asleep in the backseat, I was able to listen to a few favorite podcasts and left that drive so encouraged. Starting the week off with that little day trip framed my schedule and mindset for the days to come and it’s just been a beautiful thing. 

Here are a few favorite things I’ve read, used, worn, heard and appreciated this past week:

1. We’ve been having back to back rainy days here in the Lone Star State so naturally, I Amazon Primed this clear umbrella for Keogena and am thrilled when I get to use it myself.

2. Sticking with the rain theme, I picked up this rain coat during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because my favorite trench coats lacked the only think I actually need in a downpour: a hood. I didn’t realize how much wear I’d get out of this bad boy but I’ve worn it every week this autumn. It’s also that perfect length and cut so I can wear workout leggings, rain boots, a raggedy sweatshirt but somehow putting this jacket on top makes me look like I put in 100% effort. Here are some more rain coat beauties:

3. I’m so enjoying Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology series on Sanctification. I always learn so much as he unfolds the Word in ways I may not have seen (or heard) before. Every episode is worth a listen and I keep whole series downloaded for when the kids fall asleep in the car and I can turn Disney Classics or Veggie Tales off for a while. It’s also a meal-prep favorite.

4. This Ted Talk on Minimalism really impacted me. I don’t think I’m quite a “capsule wardrobe” person. I’m curious, are you? I think I’m going to spend some time pulling together what I would consider my capsule wardrobe because I’m just fascinated and the pull to purge is getting stronger by the minute.

5. Abbey from Gentle Leading recommended this alphabetical hymn list and I’m immediately incorporating ordering a hymn a week into our Homeschool routine. It fits in seamlessly because as of right now, we focus on one letter a week to dictate what I teach. (You can read more about the Homeschool curriculum in this post.)

6. I’m still growing my 100% natural skincare regimen and tried my first mask/scrub product this week. I scooped up this Aquareveal Satin Bright Soft Water Peel as a sample at Credo beauty and as the reviews suggested, it is WILD. As you massage it into clean, dry skin, it gathers up all your dead skin cells (I know, I know) and leaves you with the freshest, brand spankin’ new skin.

7. I’m looking forward to trying this no-bake fig bar recipe with my kids because while I enjoy looking at figs more than I enjoy eating them, Oshiolema and Keogena cannot get enough.

8. We whipped out the fleeces for the first time since March this week and it was pure bliss. This is my favorite for him (wait for a sale) and this is my go-to for her. Order big so your babes can wear them across seasons- I refuse to buy jackets over and over again when unnecessary!

 I hope you have a beautiful weekend, friends! Full of crisp air, pumpkin patches and worship music that makes you sing from the inside out.

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