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Happy Friday, Friends!

As you’re reading this, I’ll be on a plane to California. The last time Oshiolema was in California, he was freshly two years old and I was 20 weeks pregnant with Keogena. This is our first trip as a “homeschool family” and it feels really official and sweet. Also, I’m not quite sure why those quotations felt necessary but I’m sticking with it. I guess it’s just funny because the boy is 3 and essentially school means bringing a notebook, our nature book and a book we’ve been reading about the Golden Gate Bridge. Alas, a homeschool family we are! 

This is the book I enjoy most for homeschooling thus far. The illustrations are exciting and enticing and makes learning about all aspects of nature from birds and nests to sea creatures the most beautiful.

I’ve been enjoying the Netflix series Salt Fat Acid Heat so very much. Cooking is such a passion of mine and while much of the series is about cooking delightful, stunning food I am no longer able to eat, I still find it beautifully entertaining. Each shot inspires me to go make something special.

This week’s Journeywomen episode ‘Hope When it Hurts’ with Sarah Walton was one of those life changing, perspective shifting hours. It was a soothing balm to open wounds in this season and I’m so grateful for the way God is using Hunter through this show.

Studio Mcgee’s shop, McGee & Co is having their Free Shipping weekend which is thrilling! It’s the perfect time to scoop up your bigger furniture pieces (their mirror selection, lighting and rugs are my absolute favorite in the world) but if you’re not in the market, it’s the best place for special smaller details too. My medicine box and kitchen runner get so many questions-they’re from here! These are a few other favorites:

I hope you have a beautiful weekend, friends! I plan on enjoying every minute of the California sunshine.

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  • Amanda 3 years ago Reply

    Yes! Finally a realistic pumpkin patch photo. Store bought pumpkins are still pumpkins. And grocery store runs in pjs, totally cool. Happy fall ya’ll 🙂

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