April Favorites

No matter where you’re reading this from in the world, I can guarantee April didn’t quite go to plan. We’re still in the midst of the global pandemic Covid-19 and we’re all Sheltering-In-Place AKA staying home. All the time. For weeks on end. I’m also very pregnant (37 weeks this week!) so that is a factor as well. Here are the things I used most, found most helpful and enjoyable and was most grateful for this past month excluding this beautiful, fancy Dalgona coffee because I just couldn’t get on board. I tried my best!

Kitchen Essentials.

We’re all using our kitchens more than ever which means our appliances are working just as hard as we are. I’ve never been so grateful for my kitchen staples and between my Vitamix, my crock pot and my favorite non-toxic pans I’m getting it all done beautifully.

Ice Cream Maker.

Speaking of kitchen- we’ve still been implementing sweets only on the weekends and we try to make baking together Friday night special and fun. O and I always experimented making ice cream when we were first married and it became such a passion for us. Somewhere between moving and having kids we stopped and hadn’t picked up our ice cream maker in years-Friday night changed all that. We whipped up this super clean vegan coconut vanilla bean ice cream recipe and stored it in our favorite reusable ice cream containers. It was DELICIOUS and we remembered why we love making it so much! The kids couldn’t get over the fact that we made our own ice cream either. Such a hit. (Ours is 10 years old but everyone raves about this one)

Maxi Dresses.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been living in maxi dresses this entire pregnancy but especially the past few months. I wear one almost every single day. I still haven’t worn maternity clothes (aside from a pair of pants once or twice) so I just typically get my normal size and look for styles that aren’t too slim in the waist and will still be wearable when I’m nursing. Here are some favorites at every price point:

Backyard Kids Activities. 

Because we’re renting, we don’t have a play structure in the backyard. It’s typically no problem since we’re a quick walk to one of the many playgrounds in our neighborhood but since all playgrounds are closed, the kids have been playing in the backyard more than ever. We keep it SUPER simple and only have a couple things back there-here are the things they play with on a daily basis. Our Sand Table is sold out but I’ve linked a similar one since it gets the most play by far.

Father of the Bride 2. 

I always save this for the end of my third trimesters and I think this is the week I’m going to watch it. It brings me so much joy, you guys.

Business Wars Podcast.

I’ve so enjoyed this podcast lately. The Starbucks vs. Dunkin and Cereal Wars series were so interesting and if you’re into business whatsoever, you’ll love this podcast.

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  • Oshiomogho Atogwe 1 year ago Reply

    You left out you cheese, cracker, cranberry snack, made famous by the infamous chef Darkside!

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