Best Purchases of 2020

Did anyone feel like they purchased more things in 2020 than in the two years before it combined? Just me? We were together all. the. time. We were in our homes all. the. time. Some of us purchased things because we saw glaring needs we had ignored and some of us purchased because we suddenly “needed” a backyard sprinkler play-set and a facial steamer. Here are the 20 best purchases I made-both big and small- that made an impact last year.


Olive & June Nail-polish: One of my favorite salons of all time is Olive & June in L.A. O and I make an appointment to be able to go straight off the plane every time we visit and this year was the year I decided to build up my nailpolish collection from their brand. I only use non-toxic polish and they have the best shades in the business. You can also grab select shades and products at Target here.

Moonlight Pajamas: I wrote about these pajamas countless times last year so it only feels fitting to put them first. While I don’t sleep, ahem, pajama clad, I do promptly switch out of my “real clothes” as quickly after dinner as possible and I’ve never experienced a more buttery, cozy pair of pajamas in my life.

Silk Pillowcases: I don’t know why it took me so long to commit to this but I wish I could go back in time and add this to cart at least seven years ago. YOU GUYS. If you don’t have a silk pillowcase, I get it. Especially if you sleep with a silk sleep cap like me, it feels unnecessary and expensive but I am never looking back. Silk pillowcases are of course so comforting and soft but they’re anti-aging and crucial for healthy hair. I got one for myself first to try it out and Oshiomogho was quick to request getting in on that action–all four of the kids above 2 years old now have this pillowcase.

Tory Burch Masks: The print on these masks rotate every few months and they’re consistently my favorite masks. The shape is perfect, the fabric is unbeatable and they always feel like the perfect accessory.

Gentle and Lowly: This book is life changing. I asked on Instagram what everyone’s best book of the year was and I couldn’t even count how many times someone voted for this. This book is such a great reminder of the true heart of Jesus.

Celine Seau Sangle Purse: It’s been a couple years since I invested in a luxury handbag. I am always very strategic about bigger purchases-especially handbags-and I like to sell one that isn’t getting as much use before bringing one in. I wanted to buy this secondhand and even though it took monnthhhsss to get my hands on one, it was 100% worth the wait. I can fit my laptop, headphones, wallet, snacks, diapers and wipes in here which is everything I need in a purse. There isn’t a black one currently available secondhand but the emerald green, taupe and grey are incredible.

Dwell App: This app is just the best. It’s an audio Bible but also so much more. I have never battled anxiety as much as I did this year between pregnancy and the pandemic and the playlists specifically for anxiety and stress were the soundtrack to months of my life this year. If you’re looking to increase your scripture intake, I can’t recommend this enough.

Vinters Daughter Active Botanical Serum + Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer: This is certainly not a cheap duo and honestly, I wish it weren’t as magical a pair as it is but phew. This duo transformed my skin this year. My skin postpartum was the driest, dullest and most aged it had ever been. I only use non-toxic skincare and that coupled with breastfeeding made my choices feel so limited I thought I had to compromise until this duo came along. They certainly don’t need to be used in tandem but for me, this is the magic formula.


Hatch Light/Sound Machine: This is the BEST. The best. You can see all my favorite newborn essentials here and everything we purchased this year in preparation for her arrival, but in short: this is just perfect. It is a light + sound machine you can control with an app on your phone. When she was still sleeping in our room, I’d turn the light up a little bit to gently wake her when it was time to nurse and avoid waking her up completely with lamps or overhead lights. We have used it all day long since she was born for naps and sleeping.

Swing/Rocker: I rave about this in previous posts but the best thing about this swing is that the seat is detachable. We’d use the seat to carry her all over the house, sit her up on the counter while I was making meals and packed it in the car when we were headed to the lake for the weekend or visiting family. Don’t miss out on this thing…it’s just a gem.

Tie-Dye Kit: No introduction necessary. We have done tie-dye with the kids since they were teeny toddlers because it’s so fun to see what they create. I picked up this kit at the start of quarantine and it is the best I’ve ever found.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations: Our kids will spend hours upon hours making play-doh creations. This kit has taken their creativity to the next level and is so fun to do together.

60pc Castle Magnetic Blocks: We have so.many.magnatiles. So many. We added this pastel set to another pastel set we have when we realized we’d be in the house for months on end and every single morning before the kids’ clocks turn green, they make new creations with these. It’s the most worth-it toy we own.


Always Pan: I have this non-toxic, non-stick pan in two colors. As someone with Hashimoto’s, I fully cleaned out or most toxic products years ago and the hardest thing to replace was the non-stick category. Not only are these pans stunning (hence the cult following!) but they are legit.

Scanner: This is another thing I wish I got years earlier. Friends, if you do any scanning whatsoever and are in the market for a new one, this is it. This is your new best friend. It is relatively low-profile, the scan is crisp and the technology is great. I love getting messages from people who have bought this off my recommendation and are raving about their experience too.

Thermo-Pro Meat Thermometer: This is a random one but I cook so much meat and this helps me know I’m cooking it exactly to the perfect temperature. No guesswork, no doubt. It’s the best.

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