Cherry Blossoms

One day early this month, we were sitting at the breakfast table going over what we’d each be working on that day. O was deciding whether he’d drive to Baltimore to check on our renovation project that morning or the next and I was planning on laundry and the park. I realized somewhere between making breakfast and clearing my plate that this was one of the last days the D.C. Cherry Blossoms would be in full effect. If you’ve never seen the Cherry Blossom Festival, pull out your phone and add it to some to-do list in your Notes app because guys, It’s magic. Magic for free! We’re never really spontaneous on weekdays but on this particular morning we found ourselves packing lunches and loading up the car for a day in the city. 

There’s nothing like pulling up to the Tidal Basin to see it surrounded in pink clouds. Little pink petals dusted the streets and shades of pink danced on as far as the eye could see. It was straight up freezing, but more than worth it for the view! There’s also a part of me that hopes this day is saved in them as some sort of “core memory” (have you seen Inside Out?) and they can come back here one day, see these cherry blossoms and have flashes of memories fill them from top to bottom. A girl can dream.

Can I just say how much I love that superman of mine? He’s the absolute best dad on the planet.

We spent a good chunk of time imagining what lives in this tree. We started at a bunny but Oshiolema was pretty set on it being a squirrel mansion.

Lunchtime is one of our favorite parts of any adventure. I’ve always been that person. I did youth soccer for the capri sun and orange slices, you know? My kids are eaters through and through so they ask if it’s lunch time approximately 37,605 times along the way and once the answer is finally yes, you’d think I said we were off to Disney Land. I honestly get the “do your kids really eat all that?” question often and anyone who knows my family would shout from the rooftops “YES.” Eating is certainly a passion of theirs but what do you expect with us as their parents? For the record, I love these bowls for us and these are my go -to bento boxes for the littles.

This was one of those days I wished I could freeze. There were tears and whines because an hour drive there plus a missed nap certainly isn’t the best recipe for cheer-but it didn’t matter. All day long I find myself having moments of scheming how to hold onto those moments. A bedtime here, a tickle fight there…and yet a whole day of magic like this always puts me in my place. Days can be captured and remembered but eventually they’ll pass. And it makes me work to stay present even more. (It also gives me hope mid-tantrum. No freezing time! Three cheers!)

We love you forever, D.C.


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