Oshiolema talks more than just about any kid I’ve ever met in my life. He stuck strictly to “Dada” “Mama” “more” and “that” for a what felt like a long time, but once he hit 18 and 20 months old he whipped out this vocabulary that blows my mind every day. At 3 years old he’s more curious than ever and his questions and commentary warm my heart or make me laugh til’ my stomach is sore. (Unless, of course, it’s him saying ridiculous things to Keogena or asking me the same question 30x a minute.) I keep a little journal of the stand-out things he says that I just know I want to look back on when the house is quieter. While each “how come” feels like a brick on my back at times, I’m so thankful for the way his brain works and for the opportunity to hear the many thoughts in there. Here are a few Oshiolema-isms as of lately:

After being told he couldn’t finish a story because it was bedtime, he sulked into my lap. Taking a ridiculously dramatic breath, he said ” Mommy?” “It’s really hard not doin’ stuff.” I explained how I completely understood and I think its hard not doin’ stuff too. The idea that O and I both were limited just like him, he asked us to list off  “stuff we couldn’t do.” After I told him my answer (nap when i’m sleepy, go get my nails done, eat certain foods, leave the kitchen all messy…) he said “me too, mom. It’s hard not being able to have a protein shake because I’m three. I really want to have a protein shake when I’m three.”

My sister in law was visiting and at dinner, she was hiding behind her napkin but still peeking at Oshiolema. She said “I see you! I can see everything!”

He got very serious and said “No, only God can see everything.”


“Keogena. You don’t talk to mommy that way. Now you’ve lost your privilege.”


For a couple weeks, I was working on him not arguing with me. (Why do toddlers INSIST they know more about something they literally just discovered than we do? Why??) It heightened his awareness of arguing and every time O and I would be laughing in conversation and debating a memory he’d walk up out of nowhere and say “Mommy. Daddy. Don’t argue. You argued and I heared you guys.”


“Mommy, remember to pray before you eat!”

“I prayed in my head, bud.”

(gasp-shocked face) “But Mommy! You didn’t say any stuff!!”


Whenever Keogena cries without any explanation, he likes to make up a reason why she’s crying and console her for it. Recently it was “Keogena, I know you have to poop. But you just can’t. It’s alright, don’t worry! You will soon.” and “I know. I knooowww. I know you want Daddy but he’s not here so it’s alright.”

Every time we go through our Catechism questions and ask what God made Adam and Eve out of, he says “God made Adam out of old, plain dirt and he made Eve out of Adam’s ribbon.” (I can’t correct him. It’s been a solid six months and I probably should, but it just makes me smile every day.)

And lastly, when I was changing he stared at me for a long time and said “Mommy, where’s the rest of your undies?” I craftily avoided that question.


This kid is such a joy. What a gift it is to be his mama.

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