Everything I’m Packing for my Surprise Vacation (Today!)

I turn 30 next week. In one way it feels a bit surreal and in other ways I feel like I’ve been 30 for years. To kick-off the occasion, O is sending me on a surprise vacation I had no idea about until a couple days ago. At the time I’m writing this I have no idea where I’m going but by the time you’re reading this i’ll be in the air and on my way! He gave me this as packing advice: pack for warm but not hot weather and pack for four days. That’s it! I’m a very strategic packer so this is almost painful for me but I’ve done my best and here is everything I’ve packed for this trip.

It has to be said that O is the world’s best surpriser. I’ve talked about this at length but whether it was him planning our entire Honeymoon without telling me where we were going until we were at the airpirt (Fiji, Austrailia and Bora Bora) or just small day to day surprises he always looks for a way to lavish those he loves with thoughtfulness. He’s such a gift to me. That being said, he also doesn’t need details when it comes to travel so he loves leaving them out when he surprises me, encouraging me to just relax. Well, he told me only to pack warm for our honeymoon and when we got to Australia it was winter sooooooo… needless to say I’ve asked him if he checked the weather multiple times.

First things first–the items I always pack no matter what:

This stunning leather makeup bag and toiletry kit just lives with me now. The small pouch is perfect for chargers and chords and the large pouch is where I keep all my every day makeup. (you can see my whole non-toxic everyday makeup routine here)

A pair of Veja sneakers go with everything and have a way of both dresses and jeans look pulled together and complete. I also like to be prepared for doing extensive walking and make sure a pair of versatile sneakers is always in the suitcase.

Sunglasses. I’m bringing three pairs which feels a bit excessive but I’m super excited for consistent sunshine so here we are. Two of them are sold out but I’ve linked the similar options along with my exact Ray Bans I can’t get enough of.

This sweater. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know this is my best friend. I wear it over dresses, I wear it as a no-brainer if there is any chill in the air whatsoever and even if it’s a warm, sunny day I love knowing I can reach for this.

These headphones. I love these because the noise-cancellation level gives me some control where the entire world isn’t tuned out and I can wear them in the grocery store or on a walk without feeling like I’m not being safe or present. I also bring a chord that allows me to plug them into the audio jack on the airplane because paying for those janky headphones on the flight always feels yucky.

My Cameras. I love to bring my handheld “vlogging” camera that takes stunning photos but makes video super easy to on hand whenever I travel. My big DSLR is something I never travel without, even despite having my smaller camera, because photography is something that brings em so much joy and I can’t imagine a trip without it! I’m also sure to have plenty of memory cards on hand. You can read a full post on my cameras and photography here.

My favorite underthings. Please go read this blog post if your underwear drawer is making you sad like mine was for a long, long time. This underwear is my tried and true favorite and especially during pregnancy when things can get weird, cozy undies really make all the difference.

A book. This is the book I’m bringing on this trip because I read half of it in one night last week and can’t wait to finish it. It’s a quick read but honestly it has been the most impactful thing I’ve ever read as it relates to phone usage and I’ve never been more inspired to create healthier boundaries. I truly think everyone needs to read this book and trust me, you won’t regret it.

Okay. Now onto some of the fun things. These are all the items I can actually link to that I’m bringing in my suitcase as well as some old standby favorites like a cozy crewneck sweater, some plain tees and running shorts. It may look like a lot because, well, it is. But I don’t know where I’m going and I’m coping with being out of control by over packing. That makes sense…right?

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