Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021 | The Last Minute Amazon Prime Guide

You know when you do that thing? When you hear an important date over and over (“Father’s Day is June 20th…June 20th is Father’s Day…”) and before you know it, you realize that day is now this weekend? I’ve been there. If you’re reading this, you may be there right now. Don’t worry friend, everything on this list will arrive before Sunday with enough time for you to wrap it or send it to your brother/dad/father-in-law and look like a thoughtful MVP.

  1. Yeti Cooler. $199 If camping or golfing or hunting or whatever it may be has him in need of a cooler, there is no better one than this guy. They can get pricey so this one is such a great Yeti for the price.

    2. Ember Temperature Controlled Mug. $129 This thing is incredible. For the dad who works from home and is competing with you for the title of “most coffee reheats in the house,” this will keep his coffee the perfect temperature for as long as he needs. Plus, it looks sleek and cool and what else can a guy ask for in a coffee mug?

    3. IQ Puzzler Pro. $9 We’re completely obsessed with this game. O can’t get enough of this brain game and the dad in your life is sure to be hooked too. Fun fact: I brought this on our anniversary trip and we played it at restaurants while waiting for our food to come.

    4. Timex Watch. $55 This watch goes with absolutely everything and looks far more expensive than it is.

    5. Hammock. $26 This can be set up just about everything and I’m not sure there’s a better gift than this, a book, a water bottle and the promise of many naps to come. It has over 30,000 five star ratings on Amazon and that’s saying something.

    6. Hydroflask. $49 We have all sizes of these bottles and O is loyal to this brand because they keep cold drinks ice cold and hot drinks molten hot.

    7. Bose Sport Earbuds. $159 These are the best of the best. They’re O’s favorite because his Bose headphones haven’t let him down once in nearly a decade.

    8. Herschel Duffel Bag. $89 This travel bag is perfect for someone who has a bit of regular travel on the schedule. It looks great on everyone.

    9. Nespresso Mini. $138 This is perfect for a home office or any office. It’s small enough to fit just about everywhere and while it may not be for the coffee snob, it’s certainly for the “need-coffee-before-conversation” types.

    10. Toiletry Kit. $29 Again, for the traveler you can’t get better for this price. It’s a classic.

    11. Ray Ban Round Sunglasses. $161 I happen to own these myself and think they look great on just about every person on the planet.

    12. Razer Mobile Game Controller. $68 If you have a gamer in your life, this is a great addition to their at-home gaming situation.

    13. Spikeball. $59 If you haven’t yet been introduced to Spikeball, please let me be the first to do it. This game is so much fun. I have two brothers, three brothers-in-law and endless cousins on my side and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked out the window to see everyone playing this in the front yard. It’s an instant good time.

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