February Favorites Video

Here we are, friends! The first monthly installment of my favorites videos is live and I’m giddy about the fact that I’m jumping into video with both feet. The sound quality is pretty poor, it’s not edited all fancy and I’ve got some work to do but man does it feel good to just start something new-even if it’s imperfect. You can find everything I discuss in the video in the description box below it right here. 

It’s March so you know what that means, time for another monthly favorites post. Now, I’m curious: do you love video as much as I do? I find myself so drawn to watching things like monthly favorites, What I Eat in a Day’s and packing videos so that’s the content I hope to create in video format. I’ll always post it to the blog since this is my home base and where I’ll still be posting every Monday and Thursday only now, you might get a video surprise every now and then. I’d love your feedback on this new venture and on what video content you’d most like to see. We’re doing it, friends!

Again, everything is linked in the description box below the video right here.


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