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Hi Friends! It’s Friday! This week jumped on my back and kicked me in the ribs. That visual is a little intense, but it was one of those weeks where you look back and know the only way you got through it was by the grace of God. The week that you spend more time than not asking forgiveness and praying for the fruits of the spirit to overtake you. Joy, patience, peace…all of em’. Send them all my way! But we’ve made it to Friday and all is well.

If anyone has moved with toddlers before, just go ahead and send me all your tips because I’m a first timer and I need to know how this whole thing happens! We have our first showing on Sunday but getting a house show-ready in the midst of packing and existing with two toddlers is just beyond me. Thankfully, my in-laws get here tomorrow morning and the extra hands couldn’t have come at a better time! My grand Martha Stewart approved plan is to carry boxes throughout the house, fill the boxes with clutter and random things and shove them all in the storage room. Highly inefficient, but it’s just how things are going to go this weekend. Thankfully, we’ll be getting a ton of actual efficient packing done next week and this will only get easier. (Right?)

You may or may not know O and I renovate and sell houses in Maryland. We’re wrapping up a current project and simultaneously starting our largest project ever- a lake house on the water outside of Baltimore. I’m trying to stay in the excitement zone and not wander into the overwhelmed zone with nailing down all the design details this week. Again, my beloved in-laws could not have chosen to drive down from Canada at a better time.

That sums up my weekend! Here are a few things that caught my eye:

I ate this twist on quesadillas twice this week. I know what you’re thinking-a quesadilla is a quesadilla. But you’re wrong! It’s okay, I was too. I use gluten-free tortillas, vegan cheese and spread vegan cream cheese plus some pico-de-gallo on top. If you end up making this, please let me know the level of bliss your tastebuds reach.

We have a few fun trips lined up for the summer and I can’t stop outfit planning. I updated my Currently Craving shop with the things that caught my eye.

Its no secret that I love my Hydro Flask in a big way. I upgraded Oshiolema’s water bottle a couple months ago and Keogena tries to sneak his water strictly because it looks cool. I finally got her this hydro flask of her own and she is over the moon. She has always been a water guzzler, but her intake has tripled since getting this bottle!

Also, I shared this on my InstaStories and wanted to share it here also. May this bless you on your way to your weekend, friends!

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