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I often post photos and videos of what I’m cooking for myself and my crew and so often, I get a message asking for the recipe of what I just made. Instead of sending link after link, I promised a blog post sharing a few current favorite new recipes I tried and immediately added to my go-to category. I’m the person that waits on pins and needles for someone to share the recipe when something looks fantastic so here’s my lineup, plus how I make each item gluten-free and vegan.

Shredded Kale Salad

This kale salad is all I’ve been wanting to eat lately. I’ve made it at least once a week all month long. The prep work of cleaning and shredding kale isn’t always super quick and easy so the earlier I can do this in the day, the better. Be sure not to skip the step of letting all the flavors meld together in the fridge for at least half an hour. It’s more than worth the wait!

Vegan Tuscan Rigatoni

This Rigatoni is fantastic. Spinach doesn’t agree with me so normally I set some aside for myself and then add it to the rest of the meal…but when I made this, I forgot to grab fresh spinach so I left it out altogether. The flavor from the wine and the cashews is just so yummy. I crave parmesan all day everyday and this is a great stand-in. If you’re gluten free, be sure to use a gluten-free pasta like Banza chickpea rigatoni or a brown rice rigatoni.

Curried Quinoa Salad

I shared this a few weeks ago, but if you haven’t tried it yet this is a sign. It’s time. One thing I want to add is that the Thai Kitchen green curry paste is my absolute favorite for this. I used a different green curry paste last week for the first time and the spice level made it genuinely inedible. I’m all about spice and prefer some heat but be careful when choosing your curry paste because some of them just don’t mess around.

Vegan Pot Pie

I can’t even tell you how many messages I received asking for this recipe, guys! It looks like I wasn’t the only one that grew up on the comfort of chicken pot pie! I thought I wouldn’t be able to recreate that good ol’ Marie Callender’s vibe without any chicken products whatsoever, but this is just nostalgia in a pie dish. My trick to make it gluten free is to buy a two pack of gluten free crust (which only come in ‘shell’ form at our stores) and lightly defrost one of them to drape on top. It’s not as attractive as O’s non gluten-free version, but equally as delicious. I also use gf flour for the filling as well.

Black Bean Empanadas and Spanish Rice

I haven’t made these since late winter, but from October-January these were a definite favorite. I rolled out pre-made gluten free dough and the rest couldn’t be easier. For O’s, I just use regular pie-crust and add Beyond Meat Crumbles to the filling. It’s fantastic and fool proof! Also, be sure to use a vegan cheese like a nut cheese or Daiya

Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadilla

You can read my thoughts on this recipe here, but I just had to add it here. It’s too delicious to miss!


One of the hardest part of plant-based eating is that while our meals are all centered around vegetables, finding exciting ‘main dishes’ can be a challenge. Just remember to always serve these delicious mains with equally delicious vegetables for a well rounded meal!

Image source: Oh She Glows

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