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Happy Friday, Friends! Wedding weekend is HERE! My brother gets married tomorrow and my soon to be sister-in-law is the most perfect person on the planet for him. We’ve known her our whole lives and yet because of the age gap, they never even had a conversation. He’d hang out with her older brothers and we were best friends with all their cousins, traveling to Dallas every summer for long visits. Two years ago, our moms (friends since their 20’s) suggested they go on a date and here we are! (That’s me, third from the left.)

Everyone we love is trickling into Texas for the big weekend and it’s just been such a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy the perfect balance of rest, productivity and fun between now and Sunday! I know for a fact I’ll be maxing out the “fun” category and not much else. Here are some links to check out before clocking out!

I’ve been running much more lately and I’m thankful every day for my wireless headphones. I can hardly feel them, they look cool and the battery life lasts for an eternity!

Do you know I regularly update my Shop pages? Here are current favorites from each section:

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Zebras are my favorite animal and one of my favorite sleepwear brands finally restocked the print I’ve had my eye on for a year! If you’ve never felt this onesie before you wont even believe how snuggly it is. This fabric is delicious and every print is as good as the last…but zebras win.

If you haven’t discovered The Busy Toddler yet, I’m thrilled to have introduced you! No matter how stumped I am, I always come away with a full schedule of ideas to entertain my kids with. It’s encouraging and uplifting to be inspired going into playing rather than overwhelmed and unmotivated.

Our kids are big readers. I grew up a voracious reader (could anyone else devour a Harry Potter Book in 2 days? My friends and I always raced through them!) And its so important to me to have littles that love books too. Not just for learning but also for the imagination and creativity of it all. I really enjoyed the NYT article on ‘Raising a Reader’

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    It’s okay I know how it Feels dogs can’t be with you forever I’m sorry

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