Feeling Low and How to Support Someone You Love Right Now

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Let’s check in for a minute. How are you? How are you really doing? It’s the big week. Daylight Savings ended. Restrictions are being tightened right and left–have you checked in on your loved ones?

I don’t mean checking in like “thinking of you, hope you’re good!” but really, truly checking in. I had the most fun dressing up with the family and watching them enjoy the festivities, I did the returns and unpacking I’d been dreading and enjoyed a weekend with essentially no plans whatsoever. But even in the midst of all the joy, I found myself low.

I threw my back out and had a flare up that felt like a setback. I hit a low point in my restricted eating where I was tired of eating the foods available to me and just wanted the foods I’ve been craving for years (soft pretzels, goldfish, a cinnamon roll and real pizza-i’m looking at you.) And the tension of a country more divided than ever on top of it all created a haze I had to fight through.

Whether someone you love has an autoimmune disease or not, battles anxiety and depression or not, is alone or not, is a new mother or not, is vocal about their struggles or not-everyone needs to be checked in on every now and then. Here is a simple checklist to work through. We all need to be better friends than we’ve ever been, even from a distance.

ways to support someone you love

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  • Amanda Filler 12 months ago Reply

    Really happy to see you writing this and will continue to pray for you Jill. Thankful we both love an amazing God who will never leave us nor forsake us as he tells us in Hebrews. May God shine his face upon you and may you feel the warm of his love continually through the weekend. God Bless you!

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