G&G Gift Guides 2021: Gifts for Every “Him”

I’m back with my favorite gift guide of them all- the gift guide for “him.” Him being your boyfriend, your brother, your husband, your dad, your son, your grandpa-this is it. I make it my mission to make this your go-to resource every year so please be sure to tell me what you picked up!

Be sure to check out O’s all time favorite gift list from 2018 here-although he’d say he’d like to add a few more things to this list since then. I just need to say again, thank you so much for shopping through my links. Playing stylist for hours pulling these guides together brings me such joy so thank you for making it possible to do what I do, friends. Here we go.

1. Bose Headphones. You know O has been loyal to these headphones for years and years. The upgraded version has won all the awards for best noise cancelling this, most comfortable that. All I know is that he wears them enough that he’s convinced pretty much everyone around him to get on board too.

2. Spiderman Controller Holder. This thing is equal parts cute and convenient. (Although, for the man in your life I’d swap that “cute” for “cool.”)

3. Ugg Slippers. I’ll be honest and say I’m ordering these for myself because I love them that much. O’s slippers are worn to shreds and he’s loyal to this pair, but this is the one I’d get him if he were willing to switch because their indoor-outdoor capabilities are impressive.

4. Therabody Massage Duo. I finally got O the theragun last year and as a man who will always be an athlete long after he’s played professionally-this is essential. I get just as much use out of it as he does which is just a huge win-win in my book. Everything in the whole collection is top of the line and I recommend every thing.

5. Fear of God Tee. I am pretty obsessed with every single thing Jerry Lorenzo does. His message, his commitment to Black History, his creativity and simplicity and excellence…phew. The items are pricey but this one is powerful.

6. Curb Link Bracelet. O has a strict “no jewelry aside from his wedding ring” policy, but if I had my way he’d wear a thin chain and this bracelet. The price is phenomenal.

7. Barbecue Delivery. I just placed my Thanksgiving order from this place and I don’t know a single person on the planet (aside from my vegan husband but let’s side step that) who wouldn’t love this to look forward to. The best food delivered to my doorstep? Few things make me happier. If he’s a deep dish pizza man, look no further than this from my hometown.

8. Timex Watch. Simple. Timeless. Beautiful. Classic.

9. Fujifilm Instax Mini. I don’t have an Instagram husband. I’m lucky if he pulls out his phone to take a photo once a week, but if you have the “capturing the moment” guy in your life, this is for you.

10. Yeti Mug. I recommend this every year because I use and love it myself. 11. Signed Mohammed Ali Photograph. I’m married to a man who loves boxing almost as much as he loves me so this is incredibly special. It’s rare that sports-specific artwork is beautiful enough to actually hang up. O, look away. You’re getting this.

12.Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Theres a Nitro Cold Brew I became hooked on a couple years ago and this just feels like the sort of fancy, personal touch that makes an kitchen or home office.

13. Hot Ones Hot Sauces. If you, like me, are a true Hot Ones fan then this lineup greatly excites you. This is a fun one to gift with the plan of ordering great wings and playing a game with him.

14. & 15. Champion x Todd Snyder Sweatshirt + Sweatpants. I’ve gotten O a few Todd Snyder staples over the years and this collaboration is a match made in heaven.

16. Courant Duo Charger. I’m a fairly recent airpods owner and the general consensus seems to be, “they’re the best! But charging them is the WORST.” So this product seems like a dream. O has one of these on his desk that I had monogrammed–he’s very Anti-Apple products so he won’t need this upgrade, but I might!

17. Star Wars Lego Kit. I need to get something off my chest. I don’t like Star Wars. Not even a little bit. I was born in 1990…maybe I was just too late? Try has he might, O hasn’t been able to convert me in our near 13 years together. But he’s a fan of both Star Wars and Legos so this is gold.

18. Headphone Sunglasses. THESE ARE SO GOOD. I got them for O for Father’s Day this year and the man who absolutely refuses to wear sunglasses said, and I quote, “these are pretty great.” He wears them while he’s running and while I think they’d be pretty unnecessary to just wear out on the town, they are the perfect runners companion.

19. Blazers. I’ve shared before that O isn’t a sneaker head, but these are always classic and simple enough to work for everyone.

20. Sneaker Cleaning Kit. I always recommend this little guy for anyone who is protective over his kicks.

Now, for things not pictured but HIGHLY recommended, Reigning Champ Sweats are our favorite (always repping Canada over here), this lingerie makes for a very fun Christmas present if you know what I mean, the Oura ring is what O got for our anniversary this year to track all of his health stats and such in a healthy and beautiful way.

My favorite no-brainer places to shop for men:

J.Crew– The Sale is on NOW and you cannot go wrong with their sweaters, pajamas and shoes.

Madewell– Their Casual game is unmatched.

ShopBop– the best curation in an elevated way

Mr. Porter– I gift him something from Mr.Porter every year because the experience is so special and luxurious. Be sure to check the Gifts under $125 section for a huge range of phenomenal gifts.

Uncommon Goods-The best selection of unique, literally would never have thought of that gifts right here.

I’ll be back with one more Men’s Gift Guide (the fancy one) later this week so stay tuned for those of you who are a little bit over the top- I see you in my DM’s. Get ready!

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