G&G Gift Guides 2021: For the Little Lady

It’s that time, friends. You know how I feel about gifting (if you’re new here-I’m pretty obsessed with it) so I spend far too many hours pulling each of these guides together every year. I always share the things I have my eye on or the pretty things we already own and love in the opener and then the absolute stand out gifts we’ve loved year after year down below. Let’s be honest- the metallic microphone isn’t exactly eye catching but it is the go-to toy in our house!

  1. Custom Storybook About Their Name. We have a version of one of these storybooks for Oshiolema and Keogena and for someone who has a unique name that will never appear in traditional stories, they absolutely cherish these books. I’d order ASAP as I’d imagine the turnaround time on custom items is a bit longer these days.

    2. Roller Skates. If you’re braver than me, these make the perfect gift.

    3. Doll High Chair. We first got Keogena a doll high chair when she was three and the imagination this inspired was astounding. It’s so precious, takes up time and teaches them care taking skills. Also, it’s just stunning. I gifted it with a set of baby food and bib

    4. Felt Food. I’m such a huge fan of felt food and supporting these special handmade Etsy shops. There are so many to choose from but my favorite across the board would probably have to be this one. Here are some standouts:

    5. Rattan House Purse. This brand is always my favorite. Keogena loves mermaids and still cherishes her seashell purse from this brand.

    6. Dollhouse. This is an absolute stunner. It’s pricey but it’s such an heirloom and is one of those pieces that makes every bedroom or playroom look special. We have this dollhouse, as an alternative, and Keogena and I paint it together room by room and every piece of furniture since it was much less expensive so if that’s more your style, go for it!

    7. Rainboots. Nothing is more fun than a fresh pair of wellies and these are our favorites we repurchase year after year.

    8. Sleeping Bag. The kids are getting sleeping bags this year since I believe they’re a cousin sleepover essential. I love the simplicity of this and the practicality of being able to zip her silk sleep cap in that little front pouch.

    9. Personalized Weekenders. You guys. I’m just a huge fan of this brand and the amount of colors and patches you can choose from is unreal. It’s so fun to send off your kids with their own bag covered in their favorite things or, if simple is your thing–just one or two and their name.

    10. Fairy Princess. Representation Matters. I love snagging Black fairies, mermaids and princess and I’m so grateful they’re more common now than they ever have been before. This one is another favorite you all loved that I shared for Keogena’s birthday. She’s so beautiful and smells like chocolate! This brand is known for prioritizing inclusion and diversity so I love shopping here for a wide range of races.

    11. Hanging Garment Rack. This is a beauty. We have this one which I highly recommend but this with a big bow and an Amazon or Target dress or two next to the tree? C’mon. Magic.

    12. Tea Set. We’ve had and loved this exact set for years and the box is just as beautiful as the set inside.

    13. Bike. This is Keogena’s exact bike and I highly recommend it. It is definitely an investment but it’s something we’ll pass from kid to kid (so we got white just to keep it neutral but the taupe is also so pretty.)

    Okay-Now for a couple gifts we have and have proven to be true favorites:

    + This microphone. It’s magic. This never stops being exciting and fun (for them-I should specify 😉 ) and it’s currently Zeameh’s favorite toy in the house.

    + This book series is just sweet and fun and we enjoy reading it bit by bit every day.

    + Keogena loves art more than anything so last year, I got her what we call her “art cart.” She uses this art cart and the things I put inside every single day. I linked everything from last year’s big gift right here so you can make one of your own.

    + I mentioned the love for art and anything to do with painting objects is really right up our alley. Two of my sisters got her one of these kinds of painting kits and we literally will sit as a family and paint them together.

    + This giant bubble maker. I don’t know why it’s so fun but it is.

    + I also love Kiwi Co and all the Steam and Science gifts plus gifts that are great for imagination. Lots of Dress up!

    + Lastly, if you have an artist, this personalized Art Kit is super precious.

    See last year’s gift guide with our repeat in-house favorites HERE.

    My Favorite Places to Shop for Girls:



    Pottery Barn Kids

    Stoney Clover


    Crate and Barrel Kids

    + good ol’ Amazon!

    Here is a little curated boutique. I like to put together a go-to shop to make this a one stop experience for you. I hope you found this helpful! Please comment with your favorite go-to gifts for girls!

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