Our Favorite Bedtime Books

Before I had a baby, I never realized how big of a part books would play in the memories we make as a family. Toys are fun and games are sweet, but books have been our greatest treasures as parents.

Oshiolema has been a bookworm since day one and while we read fun books and learning books throughout the day, our nighttime books are so special and intentional. Sure, we sneak a ‘Dragons love Tacos’ or ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ in there, but we have to read one of “our books” before the kids go to sleep.

I always see the nighttime book as the opportunity to send them off to rest with joy, peace and a feeling of being so loved.  When our babies are little, ‘God Bless You and Goodnight’ ‘I Love You Forever’ ‘Bedtime Prayers’ and ‘Goodnight Moon’ are our favorite. Now that Oshiolema is older, we’re definitely reading a lot of superhero books and funny books first, but we always end with something from the ‘Bedtime Prayer’ book. ‘Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site’ is a favorite one too.

My mom gave the kids ‘The Wonderful Things You Will Be’ last year and it is just one of the most precious books we’ve ever read. The kids absolutely adore it and we’ve enjoyed it so much. I have to mention that while it may be random, the ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ book has been worn to tears and tatters in our house. It is the best way to end the day and teach simple nursery rhymes in a fun way. What are your favorite bedtime books?

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