Sarah Burton & Philip Treacy

Hello, Delilah Readers! Please excuse this post as it is a post for my Fashion Forecasting class. I will remove it and replace it with Nigeria Part 2 at the end of the week!
Gladys Perint Palmer hosted a fantastic Q & A session last week. In fact, it is the best Symphosium I have ever seen. The enthusiasm she provoked in the guests of honor- Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen and the famous milliner Phillip Treacy- was what made the hour so special. Although I found Simon to be completely removed from (and a little bored with, for that matter) the situation- Gladys, Sarah and Phillip contributed happily and heavily throughout the session. I decided the best way to summarize the event was to share my favorite compilation of quotes I jotted down in the audience.
”Fashion is an illusion. 
It is based on craft and you must use that to 
create dreams 
for people.” PT

                               ”It’s about inspiring and that’s what creates the dream.” SB
You must always be inspired.
The street,
Something on the telly…
You have to force yourself to
stay inspired.” SB 

“When you become a hat maker, people believe you know everything.
I don’t.” PT

“At a show, especially a McQueen show, you actually have to be physically there to feel the experience. It doesn’t matter what you feel as long as you feel something.”SB

“In China they don’t want the logo on the bag-they want beautiful details.” SB

“People have different perceptions of what style and fashion is.
That’s what makes this all go round– 
It’s what makes room for every kind of designer.” PT

“Some people have a forward thinking movement,
and some people are just trying to sell a dress.” PT 

“People feel empowered by beautiful things.” PT
xo-Jill Atogwe

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