That Fall Feeling: October’s Best

Jill Atogwe and kids being pulled in a wagon at an apple orchard

Incase you haven’t looked at a calendar yet, let me be the first to welcome you to October, 2020. I’m using all the restraint I can muster to bypass the opportunity to talk about time (at least out loud) and will skip right to the post. Today, I’m looking back on my favorite Autumn posts from the past to get us all in that October mood.

You can see a trip to the Farmer’s Market when we lived in Virginia here. I can’t look at this post without feeling like my heart will fall out of my chest. My babies. These two were so little then and they’ve been best friends from the start. (director’s cut: my hair was falling out so badly that I smudged dark brown eyeshadow into my hairline to try and hide it. I failed. I found out I had Hashimoto’s a few months later.)

My 5×5 Fall Momiform Essentials post breaks down the five items that get the most wear in my Fall wardrobe. This year’s Fall Momiform post is going to be a hefty video, but I still stand by every one of these.

I remember these vegan pumpkin muffins from my favorite vegan cookbook being insanely good. Hold, please–I need to go bake something with pumpkin STAT.

I hope this post convinces you ‘No White After Labor Day’ is a myth. I’ll be wearing my white denim all year long as always, thank you very much.

Fall germs are here and maybe scarier than ever. There’s no need to be afriad-we just need to be prepared and do all that we can to keep ourself and our littles healthy. Even if school germs aren’t a thing for you this year, building up little immune systems is always a great practice. This Natural Medicine Cabinet post has tips for doing just that as well as some natural solutions for when the germs do get through.

And lastly, I enjoyed putting together this Fall Sweater Roundup so much that I’ll do it again this month. We all need a good sweater guide, especially in the in-between where you don’t quite need a heavy jacket yet but a t-shirt just won’t do the trick.

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