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If 10 sounds like a lot to you, you should see my Podcast show list. It’s a liiiitle bit alarming, but I am a podcast junkie through and through. Whether it be for Biblical learning, motherhood information and inspiration, business advice or entertainment purposes alone I never miss an opportunity to learn and enjoy. Here are my top 10 (just know this was really hard for me to narrow down, friends.) 

Risen Motherhood: One of the most inspirational podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Emily & Laura weave the gospel into every aspect of motherhood from schooling choices and pregnancy to what to do when your husband works long hours.

Journeywomen Podcast: God has blessed Hunter with such a light that if you listen to one episode of Journeywomen, you’ll be hooked and back for more every Monday until the end of time. Her interviews are as informative, spilling over the brim with wisdom and insight and filled with practical applications of the Word. I’m beyond honored to be on the podcast today talking about submission! You can head to the show notes and listen to the episode here

Coffee + Crumbs: This podcast on motherhood feels like hanging out with your best friends. I spend most of the episode smiling this goofy, embarrassing smile because something about it just feels like joy. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, but I always look forward to Tuesdays. I especially enjoy their “This Is How We Do” series.

God Centered Mom: I turn to this podcast like I turn to an encyclopedia. If you search for long enough, you are guaranteed to find an answer to every question you could ever have about Mothering through the lens of the Gospel. Heather has the most incredible guests vulnerably sharing their perspective and knowledge and her words are truly a gift to me.

Second Life: This is a podcast I love to listen to on my work days because it’s just so inspiring and lovely. Hillary Kerr interviews various successful celebrity business women to reveal their jobs before the big one they’re living out now. Hearing the journey of fashion designers, actresses, authors and more feels like such a treat. The Mandy Moore episode is a favorite of mine.

Goal Digger: Jenna Kutcher is a business guru freely sharing tips, tricks and content so good that getting it all for free feels like cheating. It’s the kind of podcast you’ll want to take notes for sometimes because you just don’t want to miss a single thing.

How I Built This: This NPR Podcast interviews the founders of some of the greatest companies in the world taking it all the way back to day one. Each episode feels like a movie so O and I save them for our road trips to enjoy together. If you enjoy entrepreneurship whatsoever, you’ll love binge-listening to this. The Spanx, Instagram, Lululemon and Bobs Red Mill episodes are some of my favorites!

Online Marketing Made Easy: Amy Porterfield is the queen of online marketing. If you’re looking to start your own brand, business or side hustle, start here for everything you could ever need to know about marketing.

The Business Boutique Another business podcast that feels too good to be free- this features goodness-packed interviews with industry leaders as well as so much incredible information from Christy Wright. I learn so much from these episodes and always feel the need to pull out a notebook just to be sure I’ve soaked up every bit of it!

Wellness Mama: Health is something I place as a top priority in my life, especially health as it relates to me and my kids. This podcast is a wealth of information on everything from Hashimotos and balancing hormones to GMOs and what’s really making our kids sick. There is so much information and so many incredible resources in each episode so I often end up relaying the show to O.

Please, please share your favorites here in the comments! Doing dishes has become a joy thanks to the podcast app on my phone these days.


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  • Ashlee 3 years ago Reply

    Hey friend, thanks so much for including us in this! We’re honored to be among such great company. A few of these I haven’t heard of, and I’m excited to check them out! 😉

  • Angela 3 years ago Reply

    Thanks for this info. I’ve been wanting to start listening to podcast and this was a great way to research and start a playlist

    Jill 3 years ago Reply

    I’m so glad! Thank you, Angela!

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