Happy 2nd Birthday, Keogena

My sweet angel girl turns 2 today and I could just burst with love for her. She is, in a word, bright. Full of light! Full of life. So full of words and excitement and ideas and joy. We still call her our sour patch kid (“first they’re sour! then they’re sweet!) but the name isn’t really fitting anymore. She is our sweetheart.

I love a birth story so if you’re interested in her birth story and video, I transferred that over from my old blog and you can see it right here. And now, some of my favorite photos of her second year:

On this day last year, her first birthday! Those toes!

My little 80’s jazzerciser on Halloween

With her best friend and forever hero.

She never did warm allll the way up to the snow, but she’ll love it one day.

Poor girl was so sick on Christmas day. Both the kids were actually- fevers and coughing and the whole thing- but before things took an ugly turn, her first “big girl Christmas morning” was pure magic.

Nicknames: Nana, love bug, stink bug, angel and for daddy only- Princess.

Favorite songs: She’ll say “MAUIII!!!!” A.k.a the Moana soundtrack. She has an enormous crush on Maui and in our Moana book, she’ll skip past the pages with just Moana on them to get to the good stuff. Boy oh boy.

She also loves to sing “Rain rain go away” as many times in a row as possible, along with Jesus Loves Me, Yaweh, the song version of Joshua 1:9, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and ‘Kiss the Girl.’

Favorite Things: Eating has to be number one. Every evening at dinner we say the best part of our day, the hardest part of our day. Her answer has been the same for both questions (?) for three months: eat eat eat. Three times for emphasis. In the mornings when we ask what the kids want to thank God for that day she will, without fail, say food. Food and mommy usually wins, but you can guess which one comes first.

Aside from food, she loves dancing, her babies, being as close to me as possible, exploring with her brother and coloring.

Favorite Shows/Movies: She doesn’t have any interest in shows outside of Little Einsteins and the occasional Paw Patrol. On the weekends we watch a movie and she’s warming up to more of them every week and always surprises me with what she’ll sit through. Moana, Pocahontas and Tarzan are her winners!

Here are some of her most common phrases right now that I never want to forget:

“Widdy have to go!!!” (all day long asking to go to the potty)

“Mommy, not me tired!” (whenever we’re on the way to sleep)

“Hmmm. How boutttt DAT ONE!”

“Not me!” (when Oshiolema is being scolded, reminding us she’s not in trouble.)

“It’s okay, I’ll help yeww!” (whenever I give the slightest hint of struggle. Bringing in groceries, dropping something off the counter, getting hurt…she’s my girl.)

“I so…so…funnnnny” (when she cracks herself up)

“I nakey bobbom girl!!” (you can guess)

“REPULSOR BLAST! Bschkkeewwwww” (she learned this one from her brother.)

Lots of “what is that?” “whyyYYYYyyy?” “mommy can I go with yewww?”

And of course, when we step outside or out of the room and she lets us know she misses us.


We couldn’t love you more, sweet girl. Happy birthday.

(her almost one year ago today)


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