Why a Camera Makes the Perfect Valentines Gift

How do you and your spouse do Valentines? Are you the luxurious dinner and lavish gift pair or is it just another day in your house? Whether you go all out or take it really casually, the perfect gift for the one you love is a camera. Bonus points: all of these are available on Amazon Prime if you’re a little behind on your shopping.

O and I have very few photos and videos together. When I look through my camera roll and laptop there’s maybe one photo of us-and I mean maybe- for every 1,000 photos of the kids. This is a pattern I don’t want to continue on going forward. One way to say “I’m committed to this” is a new camera and a sweet note saying I love the memories we share together and will do my best to capture them whenever I can.

I’m definitely the photographer in the family. I take 99% of our photos to document our memories which is such a joy for me. I receive questions all the time about what cameras I use and while I have a full post breaking that down here (highly recommend a thorough read!) I want to share four different levels of cameras to gift this Valentines Day.

The first would be for the serious photographer that wants to take their photos to the next level. Maybe you’ve had a point-and-shoot or DSLR for years and felt, “if I just had a better quality camera I’d reach for it more.” This is for you. This camera is a huge investment but it’s been worth its weight in gold the past two years I’ve used and loved it. Maybe you have a great camera body and have just haven’t invested in a high quality lens- this is also a phenomenal gift worth the investment for someone wanting to take that next step in photography.

The second tier would be for the person who is extremely snap happy with their iPhone and wants the next step. This camera is known for its video quality which I love and also the wifi connection that allows me to send photos right to my phone immediately. It’s the camera every YouTuber and Blogger uses for video and I’ve loved it three years strong! Cannot recommend it enough.

The third tier would be an Instax camera to print off polaroids along with a cute Instax photo album as a reminder to take those photos and save them to document the year to come.

The last step is-don’t laugh- a disposable camera. I take a disposable camera on all our vacations and there’s just something so magical about them! If you have zero desire to grow in your photography skills and are more than happy with your iPhone snaps from here until the end of time, try gifting this three pack of cameras. Each of you keep one and make it a point to document the photos and remember what you loved about that moment throughout the year. I guarantee you’ll find yourself more excited about photography by the end of it!

What are your Valentines Day plans this year? O and I have previously always given each other our own day- I celebrate him and make him feel loved on the 13th and he does the same for me on the 14th. This year, however, it’s coming right on the heels of my big 30th birthday, O won’t even be home on Valentines day and a couple days after it we leave for the week for a marriage retreat. Because of all these factors, this year it’s just going to be thoughtful and intentional while making it feel super special for the kids.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and remember, if you end up getting any of these cameras be sure to let me know so I can cheer you on!!

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