Valentines Day Post Roundup

Here are a roundup of my past posts centered around Valentines Day including marriage, baked treats and deeper thoughts I’ve shared over the years.

A sweet peek into our Valentines Day when the babes were extra little here

The top 5 things to guard against in marriage (talking social media, changing over the years and more) here

My favorite Paleo treats and baking recipes incase you’re still scratching your head for what to make tomorrow right here

A super fun Q&A answering questions asked by readers and answered by O and me together including the hardest season of our marriage, how we balance very different love language, what my dating life looked like as a teen and more here

I shared my favorite undergarments here. There are a couple pretty ones but c’mon, let’s be real, the most important ones are the comfy cozy ones I wear day in and day out. Underthings can make or break my day so finding the pairs that truly feel like I’m wearing nothing (or even better-like I’m wearing butter.)

The most perfectly pink, most delicious, most healthy smoothie I always make for the kids on Valentines Day here.

7 resources we’ve loved for strengthening our marriage here

And a note from my 23 year old self on Valentines Day here.

Happy Valentines Day, friends! I hope you have such a wonderful time celebrating the day and whether you’re celebrating another year growing with yourself and the Lord, celebrating with your spouse or making the day special for your littles, I hope today is filled with joy.

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