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What’s In My Hospital (Birth Center) Bag for Baby Number 3

I’m going to be doing this postpartum series in the order that makes most sense so here we are, starting off where it all begins: the birth center. Seeing as this is my third birth and if all goes to plan we don’t stay longer than a few hours after birth before going home, I was fully aware of how little I actually needed. I’ll share everything I packed but friends, birth was QUICK. I didn’t use much!

Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist


Would you still trust me with this guide if I told you technically, I’ve never given birth in a hospital? My first birth was in a birthing center attached to a hospital with a much more “hospital like” experience. In the birth center, you can stay up to 12 hours after birth and then you’re headed home to bond and settle in. This kind of terrified me because I couldn’t get over the fact that I’d pop my first baby out and be in charge of keeping it alive all in the same day. I wasn’t ready! We ended up having to stay for two nights because I gave birth in the evening (leading to night 1) and Oshiolema had a heart murmur they needed to monitor (leading to night 2). It was perfect for us.

The Baby Round-up

Jill holding youngest daughter in nursery

I’ve received more requests than ever for baby-related blog posts and I get it! The COVID baby boom is real and I’m thrilled to hear from so many first time parents looking for resources galore. This is the post for you, friend.

Breastfeeding Essentials

As of right now, I have nursed for a total of 30 months of my life. Six years into this gig, I’ve certainly amassed a few favorites and while 2020 presented some new gadgets, many items are my tried and true favorites from 2015. I hope you find some things that make those early days of breastfeeding even a little bit more bearable below.

How I Prepare for Unmedicated Childbirth

I am full term this week, y’all. Officially full term! Lord willing, at some point in the next few weeks I’ll be having my third unmedicated birth at the Birth Center. I know many people who have accidental unmedicated births and do just fine, I’ve read countless birth stories of women who just stumble into unmedicated labor intentionally without any prep and are cool as a cucumber. That’s not me. It takes a lot of work for me to get in the right mental state for the marathon that is labor but here, the third time around, I’m feeling more prepared than ever. Here are the things I do to get ready for the big day.

A Full Recap of Los Angeles with the Littles

I can’t wait to share more about why we were in L.A. in the coming months but it was such a treat to take the kids to L.A. twice in the past year (you can see our trip this past summer right here.) Stepping out of the airport to see that periwinkle blue sky and dry heat on your skin is pure gold. This was a bit of a work trip but we always manage to sneak in trips to our favorite spots.