5 Ways to Maximize Productivity at Work

how to have the most productive work day as a stay at home mom

I used to be so excited to have alone time that I saw it as just that- alone time. But the thing is, dedicated work hours aren’t “me time.” The hours are accounted for. If I’m going to leave my kids, pay someone to care for them, get gussied up and leave the house then it’s not time to recline with a podcast and a snack. Its time to tackle the to-do list. Here are my tips to maximize that work time, even if you only have one hour to get it done.

Allowing for the Pivot: Why We’re Splitting Pre-School and Homeschool

Cool kids backpack and brother and sister going to school

In December, I took the kids to the trampoline park. We wind up there often, especially after particularly challenging or exciting weeks. After wandering around the trampolines, dodgeball areas and foam pit, Lema ended up at the basketball station. He walked up next to the single file line of big boys and stood next to them.  I yelled to him, “Lema! You’ve gotta hop in line, bud!” He looked at me like he does many times throughout the day. It’s a look that says “what do you mean?” That’s when it clicked for me. My three year old has never had to stand in line before. It wasn’t a great feeling.

Life Lately

minimal wardrobe walking down stairs

Happy March, friends! I mentioned in this post that I’d be taking the entire month of February off of social media and explained why. I had this nagging desire for a while but it felt equal parts irresponsible and selfish for some reason. As much as I tried to ignore it, that conviction wouldn’t go away so I decided it was must be necessary. Reflecting back on the beautiful month of February, that word “necessary” doesn’t even come close. I do have to say, it felt strange not posting little snippets to stories every day so it’s time for a proper catch-up. Here’s what I’ve been reading, eating, watching, enjoying, wearing and doing this past month! 

ShopBop Sale Favorites & Where to Invest

It’s that time again, friends. Here are my favorite picks from the sale to get your wardrobe ready for the sun. Yes, at ShopBop most items are pretty pricey even with that “sale” word there, so feel no pressure to even browse if the timing isn’t right, but I’ve dug through thousands of items to find a select few that meet the mark. Whether you’ve been saving to invest in some items and would love to save some pennies on them or if you’ve KonMari’d your entire closet away to make room for things that fit properly or are wanting to begin adding some special, “forever” pieces then keep reading!

Life Imitates the Weather.

little girl in rainboots

People say ‘life imitates art.’ I’m starting to believe life imitates the weather. The older I get, the more I notice changing seasons in my life often match up with changing seasons in nature. Since we’ve moved to beautiful Tennessee the grey skies have offered us an almost steady supply of rain. The winds have whipped and the temperatures stayed low enough to keep us inside most days. It’s felt like an isolated little winter both outside and in.

What’s in my bag

What I keep in my handbag and what is always in my purse

I’m quite the bag lady. Not in the sense that I’m a collector or anything-in fact, I’m the opposite. I rotate the same bags for years and think long and hard before adding one to the crew. I do, however, always have at least two on hand. I wish I could blame it on motherhood but I’ve always been this way. It’s safe to say minimalism just isn’t quite my thing yet! The items in my bag can range from paintbrushes and pencils to books and hair products, but if you look in my bag on any given day you will always find these items: