My Top Purchases of 2018

It’s 2019! It’s a weird sci-fi thing to say and very wild to think we’ll be in the year 2020 next year. Very Zenon (I hope ‘Supernova Girl is stuck in your head for the rest of the day). I love reflecting on my best purchases of the year to see which items made the biggest impact across the board. From the quick, impulsive AmazonPrime purchases to the items that I spent years considering, comparing and hoping for–here are my best purchases of the year. 

Goals and My Word for 2019

The only way to decide what I want to improve on in the coming year is to reflect on what didn’t work in the year past. Last year the number one thing that didn’t work in 2018 was my time. My time didn’t reflect my priorities more often than not and I spent more time straddling guilt and longing all year long. This year, the overarching theme is Quality over Quantity. And my word for 2019? My word is Peace.

Top Posts of 2018

This year was a big one personally and professionally. It was my first full year of working on Gold & Graphite which meant so, so much learning. Learning HTML, SEO, batch working, how to better spend my time in work, learning leaning learning. Personally, we moved to Texas after 7 years of living in Virginia, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, O started coaching for the AAF and I began homeschooling. I’m so grateful to have a blog when it comes to seasons of reflection because while my journals are filled with memories and ideas, seeing them with photos and formulated thoughts is such a gift that I wouldn’t have any other way. If you want to reflect with me, here are the top blog post of this year. 

Hashimoto’s Journey Part 2

This is part 2 in my three part series on my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Disease. These posts are very lengthy and extremely in-depth, but since battling thyroid problems I personally have found these types of posts to be the most helpful. I pray it would spark hope in you and not fear, but as a warning I do discuss a little bit about my miscarriage. If that may trigger any fear or trauma in you, maybe put a pin in this and come back at another time. Grab your coffee, friends. Here we go.

Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

(click the photo to be directed to the website for each image but the top left!)

It’s time for my last gift guide of the year- stocking stuffers! I love a stocking, guys. It’s the first thing we open every Christmas morning and O and I still like to make them special for each other! I usually get the kids very little things like a deck of cards or beads or things like that, but I do try to make O’s stocking a balance of things he needs but would never think of, wants but would never buy and something just to make him smile. 

Friday Feels

It’s Friday! I’ve gotta say, this week was a long one. O started coaching last weekend which means for the first time since becoming parents, O has a true 8-5 job outside of the house. We’re used to having breakfast as a family every day followed by family worship time and bible study. Aside from the days he’d have site visits or trips, the normal routine was that our morning family time lingered however long it needed to and he finished work around 4. I knew I could often pop into his office or our room to see him midday and no matter what, that the second daddy got home, the kids would be able to play like crazy until dinnertime. For the next few months, this won’t be the case and the transition period has been quite the shift.