Twenty Nine.

When you read this, I will be freshly 29 years old. One day into my first steps of the last years of my twenties and let me say, I have many thoughts about it. Like, for starters, why does the word “twenty” sound so young and thirty song so much older? I’m not talking at all about the age. Push that out of your mind. Just the word itself coming out of your mouth—twenty. It sounds fresh. Crisp. Lemongrass and poppies and maybe some gingersnaps. It sounds like the color yellow.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Keogena

My sweet angel girl turns 2 today and I could just burst with love for her. She is, in a word, bright. Full of light! Full of life. So full of words and excitement and ideas and joy. We still call her our sour patch kid (“first they’re sour! then they’re sweet!) but the name isn’t really fitting anymore. She is our sweetheart.

Friday Feels

Well, friends, we made it. Friday is here. Keogena turned one on Tuesday and it completely threw off the week. Every day has felt like Friday since and ohhh how bitter the disappointment was when I realized it was only Wednesday and we had dentist appointments on the schedule.