Holiday Gift Guide: For the Littles

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! O always asks me to wait til “the day after” to put up a single decoration and really get into the Christmas spirit. Friends, it’s here!!! The magic of Christmas is elevated 100% since having kids. This is the first year Oshiolema really gets it and I’m so excited to continue our little family tradition of baking cinnamon rolls, blasting classic carols through the speakers and decorating the tree with cocoa in hand. Here are some of my favorite gifts for the babes this year.

Tips for Dining Out with Littles

Few things intimidate a parent like taking two toddlers out to eat. We live in the suburbs of Virginia where restaurants aren’t in walking distance so even though we don’t eat out all that often, every mom needs to have some tips and tricks up her sleeve for those days where cooking, take-out and delivery won’t cut it. When we were in Italy this summer, we spent at least one meal a day at a restaurant and I learned some things that have taken the cringe factor out of dining-out with these babes.

Farmers Market with the Littles

One of my favorite things about living in Virginia is being surrounded by so many farms. We have more Farmers Markets than I’ve ever seen right here in our own backyard and I’m telling you, I may never need to take my offspring to Disney World after seeing how they light up at the opportunity to gather fresh produce into crates and baskets.