The Very Best Paleo Cookies to Bake This Valentines Day

Valentines Day is this weekend, friends. Instead of doing a formal gift guide, I’ll instead leave you with the ultimate Paleo Sugar Cookie recipe and the best royal icing recipe there is. My sister is a professional baker and she whipped these cookies up for the kids to decorate so get ready for all the sprinkles, all the extra icing and the sugar cookie of dreams.

How Meal Prepping Saves My Week

Last week, I shared how I’ve been meal prepping to streamline cooking throughout the week and I was shocked at the response I received. After requests to talk more about this surpassed requests to talk about my favorite underwear -that’s a LOT, friends- I’m here to break down my simple system and some easy ideas to start with.

Late Winter/Early Spring Momiform: 10 Essentials.

late winter outfits, best january outfit, best february fashion

It’s that time of year where we start seeing ads for vacations and beaches and we’re sitting at home in our robes and nike socks realizing the warmest place we’ll be going in the near future is the laundry room. January-March is a notoriously tricky season to dress for. The weather is unpredictable, the cold weather lost it’s charm when the Christmas tree was put away and “well, I’m not seeing anyone anyway” acts as a blanket statement for wearing the same college hoodie three days in a row. I’ve got your back, friend.

Looking Back to Look Forward: 2021 Goals

As much as I’d love to join the masses in saying, “see you NEVER, 2020! I’m forgetting you ever existed!” I personally will be reflecting on last year for a long time. I learned resilience, saw flaws in desperate need of changing, welcomed our sweet third baby to the world and had more time with the people I love most in this world than ever before. It wasn’t all bad.

Best Purchases of 2020

Did anyone feel like they purchased more things in 2020 than in the two years before it combined? Just me? We were together all. the. time. We were in our homes all. the. time. Some of us purchased things because we saw glaring needs we had ignored and some of us purchased because we suddenly “needed” a backyard sprinkler play-set and a facial steamer. Here are the 20 best purchases I made-both big and small- that made an impact last year.