The Baby Round-up

Jill holding youngest daughter in nursery

I’ve received more requests than ever for baby-related blog posts and I get it! The COVID baby boom is real and I’m thrilled to hear from so many first time parents looking for resources galore. This is the post for you, friend.

Family Holiday Photo Outfit Inspiration 2020

UPDATE: I first wrote this post two years ago (October of 2017). It’s since been one of the most visited pages on my blog and this time of year it’s pinned, visited and shopped from multiple times every single day. Each year, I keep the images and wording the same but update the slider below each outfit idea to current options. While I stand by each image and item I initially selected, it’s been three years, people. Those items are all sold out. Enjoy! Happy photo planning!

The Paleo Recipes to Take You All the Way Through Winter

butternut squash soup with pumpkin seeds and cilantro topping

Comfort food has been calling my name since I flipped the calendar to October but finding delicious Paleo, Whole30 or Vegan comfort food recipes takes some practice. Now that we’re nearing the end of the month, I figured it was time to pull together all the recipes I want to work my way through from late Autumn into Winter. Here are some tried and true favorites and some new recipes my kitchen can’t wait to welcome.

Autumn Favorites for Littles

collage of Jill's older kids in coordinating outfits

Are your kids distance learning or back in school? Despite our unique split (the kids homeschool three days a week and are in school two days), I’ve still found-much to my surprise-they need clothes. I don’t know if we had pandemic growth spurts or what but both kids outgrew quite literally every item of fall clothing they had. Here are some great staples for this season and the next.