Why a Camera Makes the Perfect Valentines Gift

How do you and your spouse do Valentines? Are you the luxurious dinner and lavish gift pair or is it just another day in your house? Whether you go all out or take it really casually, the perfect gift for the one you love is a camera. Bonus points: all of these are available on Amazon Prime if you’re a little behind on your shopping.

My Favorite Cameras + Lenses

A question I receive often is what cameras I use and why. I have been passionate about photography since I can remember, anxiously awaiting my Kodak disposable film to be developed after an elementary school birthday party, making all my siblings line up for photos on vacations and taking selfies well before there was a term. I am certainly no professional but you will rarely find me without a camera on hand. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and save this post for when you have a bit of free time to relax. This post has no shortage of words plus lots (and lots) of photos!