Cherry Blossoms

One day early this month, we were sitting at the breakfast table going over what we’d each be working on that day. O was deciding whether he’d drive to Baltimore to check on our renovation project that morning or the next and I was planning on laundry and the park. I realized somewhere between making breakfast and clearing my plate that this was one of the last days the D.C. Cherry Blossoms would be in full effect. If you’ve never seen the Cherry Blossom Festival, pull out your phone and add it to some to-do list in your Notes app because guys, It’s magic. Magic for free! We’re never really spontaneous on weekdays but on this particular morning we found ourselves packing lunches and loading up the car for a day in the city. 

Museums in the Fall

There is something absolutely magical about the East Coast in the fall. We’ve lived here for six years, are roughly 40 minutes outside of D.C. and realize far too often that we don’t take advantage of it enough. O and I decided earlier this year to make Saturday our “family days” full of exploring and last week I just had the itch to drive to the city to let the kids adventure.