Family Holiday Photo Outfit Inspiration 2020

UPDATE: I first wrote this post two years ago (October of 2017). It’s since been one of the most visited pages on my blog and this time of year it’s pinned, visited and shopped from multiple times every single day. Each year, I keep the images and wording the same but update the slider below each outfit idea to current options. While I stand by each image and item I initially selected, it’s been three years, people. Those items are all sold out. Enjoy! Happy photo planning!

Nordstrom Sale Picks

It’s that time of year again-where we are all positively inundated with Nordstrom Sale posts. It’s the one time of year to save on colder weather essentials before they return to their regular price.  To be honest, very few things caught my eye this year. I feel less and less of a rush to purchase every year which is a wonderful thing. I still wanted to gather up a small list of my favorite items, share things I already own and love and things I purchased the other day.