Why a Camera Makes the Perfect Valentines Gift

How do you and your spouse do Valentines? Are you the luxurious dinner and lavish gift pair or is it just another day in your house? Whether you go all out or take it really casually, the perfect gift for the one you love is a camera. Bonus points: all of these are available on Amazon Prime if you’re a little behind on your shopping.

Muted Valentines Day for the Littles


Incase you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of neutrals. Grey, black and white are my absolute favorite colors, with blush pink, army green and navy making the most appearances for runner-up. I’ve warmed up to pink more than I ever thought I would since having a daughter, but I still tend to be drawn more to muted tones when available, and taking a different spin on the over-the-top red and neon pink Valentines Day is my very favorite.