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This year was a big one personally and professionally. It was my first full year of working on Gold & Graphite which meant so, so much learning. Learning HTML, SEO, batch working, how to better spend my time in work, learning leaning learning. Personally, we moved to Texas after 7 years of living in Virginia, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, O started coaching for the AAF and I began homeschooling. I’m so grateful to have a blog when it comes to seasons of reflection because while my journals are filled with memories and ideas, seeing them with photos and formulated thoughts is such a gift that I wouldn’t have any other way. If you want to reflect with me, here are the top blog post of this year. 

We traveled a whoooole lot this year. Less than any other year because of the move, but we definitely still logged some serious travel hours. Early this year I shared some of my go-to items and things I don’t travel without in this post: Travel Favorites

Oshiolema’s birthday is mid-January and I wrote some thoughts on him turning 3 here: Oshiolema Turns 3

While we officially started Homeschooling in the Fall, I’ve been doing a little bit of “learning time” with the kids on weekdays for years. I wrote a simple post with my favorite learning activities and books for little teeny toddlers here: Current Favorite Toddler Learning Tools

One of the top 5 most popular posts yet on the blog has been a post on my morning routine. While it no longer looks exactly like this, the truths in this post impacted me deeply: wake up for your day, not to your day. Peek into my morning routine here: How My Morning Routine Changed my Life

We moved to a plant based diet last summer and navigating such restriction with two young kids felt like the biggest challenge. This post shares a full day of snacks and meals for my littles, 3 and 1 at the time: What My Plant Based Toddlers Eat in A Day

I’ve always been so curious (okay, okay-nosey) when it comes to people’s daily routines. I started a series called ‘A Day in the Life‘ featuring women I admire that work for themselves across the board including a photographer, an interior designer, an event planner and a musician and photographer who hung up the titles to be a homeschool mom. I can’t wait to share more in the New Year! I kicked the series off by sharing a thorough day in the life post of my own: My Day in the Life

In May, we made a big move. We joined the rest of my 6 siblings and my parents and shipped an enormous truck full of our belongings down to Texas. It’s been a wild ride seeing as nothing has gone according to plan, and yet all my living-near-family dreams have come true. I shared all the feels on Moving Day right here: Moving Day

This was a spontaneous post where I shared some thoughts on marriage, but many of you really resonated with it and the number count keeps climbing: Because, Marriage

I found out I have Hashimotos in February. We got the green light to get pregnant in March. We found out we were pregnant in April. Two weeks after moving to Texas, we found out we’d lost the baby. My first miscarriage. I wrote some thoughts on this loss and a letter to our sweet baby here: Baby Noah.

This was another one that makes the top 5 most read posts this year, probably because I talk about smoothies so much on Social Media. I try to make the most of our morning smoothies to be sure they’re balanced and giving all four of us what we need from it. You can read all about my smoothie recipes and ingredients in this post: Daily Smoothie Secret Weapons

This post has been wildly popular with you guys! I’m so curious to know how many of you are homeschooling as well because I’m always blown away by the response to this post. You can read why we chose to homeschool as well as the curriculum we chose for our 3 year old here: Homeschool

I love podcasts. I love podcasts so very much. I listen to them just about every chance I get and often share screenshots of what I’m listening to in efforts to encourage someone in a similar season or headspace as me. I also had the absolute pleasure to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts this year- Journeywomen. You can listen to that episode right here and you can read the post about my go-to podcasts here: Top 10 Podcasts

It’s that time of year. The germy season. You guys seemed to really enjoy my post on what natural remedies we use to prevent illness in this cold weather season as well as the things we use when illness strikes. Read that post here: Natural Medicine Cabinet

The last most popular post of the year was actually just from a couple weeks ago when I announced I’d launched my Etsy shop!! Such an exciting moment! I share a peek at some of the goodies offered in the shop as well as the process and heart behind it. Click for that post and a link to the shop right here: Etsy Shop Launch!

Thank you so much for reading along here with me in 2018, friends. You are truly such a gift to me. It’s never lost on me that I get to write down things on my heart people will actually come read it. What is this life! I’m looking forward to all that is to come personally and professionally in 2019. Can’t wait to see you back here then.


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  • Kathryn 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you Jill for such interesting and encouraging reads! As a new wife this year, it’s so great reading how you and your friends do life. I came to this blog through hearing you on the Journey Women podcast and I’m so glad. It’s safe to say you have people encouraged by you even all the way over here in England xx

    Jill 3 years ago Reply

    Hi, Kathryn!! Thank you so much for the kind words! What a gift it is to be able to connect to friends all the way to friends in England. So glad you’ve joined me on this journey!

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