5 Things to Guard Against in Marriage

This is a different type of Valentines Day post. Part of me wanted to talk about Date Night or something fun like that, but after a year like we’ve had, this one felt more important. In May, O and I will celebrate 8 years of marriage. This year held cross country move, listing our home, a pregnancy and loss and transition to a job where he is only home for about 6 hours of sleep and then gone again. Needless to say, guarding our marriage was the theme of this year. We learned little things that creep in pretending to be unassuming or “normal,” but wind up being anything but. I’m so thankful to be celebrating this day because we’re all for intentionality. I pray if you’re in a season where things seem hard that these tips are a blessing to you as they were to us! 


I’ve never talked about unmentionables here. I mean, they’re called that for a reason, right? To the teensy tiny percentage of men who read my blog, today isn’t your day. Come back Thursday, you’ll enjoy it. Today is for the ladies.

Twenty Nine.

When you read this, I will be freshly 29 years old. One day into my first steps of the last years of my twenties and let me say, I have many thoughts about it. Like, for starters, why does the word “twenty” sound so young and thirty song so much older? I’m not talking at all about the age. Push that out of your mind. Just the word itself coming out of your mouth—twenty. It sounds fresh. Crisp. Lemongrass and poppies and maybe some gingersnaps. It sounds like the color yellow.

Valentines This or That

I’m here with a friendly reminder that Valentines Day is less than two weeks away!

Late Winter/Early Spring Momiform Essentials

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Earlier this week, I shared why and how to choose your Momiform, now I’m back to share my tried and true favorites for this season. It’s always the hardest part of the year from a clothing perspective-I’m completely over big coats and winter accessories but it’s far too cold to whip out the sundresses and shorts. Practical basics are the name of the game for me! 

The Case For a Momiform

In the winter months especially, I rely heavily on predictable pieces that fit into three criteria: 1. It has to be comfortable. 2. It has to be effortless. 3. It has to be flattering. Winter adds one more crucial criteria: it has to keep me warm. The items that fit into this category win a spot in my Momiform. A momiform is, loosely, a uniform of sorts that makes getting dressed every day for life with your kids a no-brainer. Today, we’ll talk about identifying the pieces you reach for most and evaluating if that has been intentional or unintentional. On Thursday, I’ll share the actual pieces I call my MVP during this January-March stretch.