Little Black Dress and a Lesson

There’s a bit of background to these photos. As I was sitting there, posing and smiling, a yucky feeling came over me. Not because I was posing for a photo and not even because I was fake laughing-though maybe that should bring on a little bit of shame-no, it was because this wasn’t realistic  

Friday Feels

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Somehow, this week has absolutely raced by. Do you ever have a week where you just start on the wrong foot and don’t quite recover? I’ve been in a full on funk for a few days now and after some reflecting, I realize the base of all my frustrations lie in disappointment.

Satisfying the Pumpkin Craving

It’s fall, supposedly, and while I’m currently sporting a sweat mustache in Dallas where summer just won’t quit, I’ve already had a taste of sweet Autumn back home in Virginia. Once that crisp air hits, friends, you can’t tell me its not fall. And whether you’re on board with pumpkin or not, fall means all things pumpkin in my book.

Transitioning Summer Tops to Fall

I don’t know about you, but whenever springtime hits, I get one look at all the white eyelet tops and that’s pretty much all I want to wear straight through summer. Nothing is easier to throw on in those warm months than a sweet white top and since the tops tend to have a bit of detail, even when paired with something as simple as jean shorts I still feel put together. 

Friday Feels

Well, friends, we made it. Friday is here. Keogena turned one on Tuesday and it completely threw off the week. Every day has felt like Friday since and ohhh how bitter the disappointment was when I realized it was only Wednesday and we had dentist appointments on the schedule.