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The Complete Packing Checklist for Disney World with Kids: Everything You Need (& What You Don’t)

complete packing list for Disney vacation with kids in 2021

We just wrapped up seven days in Disney World and it was, you guessed it, magical. I visited Disney World often as a kid but this was my first time being The Parent. You know, the one making all the decisions, coordinating the planning and doing all the packing. Because I’m me, researching and packing and preparing was almost as fun as the trip itself but judging from my DMs and email inbox, I realize that’s not the case for many of you. Disney can be a blissful breeze or a next-level nightmare and so much of that comes down to packing. Here is everything you need (and even equally as important-what you don’t.)

The Ultimate Back to School Guide 2021

Look, friend. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news- don’t shoot the messenger, you know? If you’re in the south, your littles are more than likely gearing up to start school. I couldn’t figure out why I was getting so many requests for backpacks and lunch box recommendations until I remembered “it’s coming.” Here are my favorite backpacks, lunch boxes and lunch accessories to send those babes back to school with in just a few weeks.

Where we Stayed, What we Wore and What we Ate in Malibu and Los Angeles

Two weeks ago, O and I snuck away for a week split between Malibu and Los Angeles. I still can’t believe we pulled it off. I was actually back in L.A. this weekend for a girls trip to Beverly Hills but more on that later. For now, here is everything we wore, ate and loved on our trip and a breakdown of the two hotels we called home for a week.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021 | The Last Minute Amazon Prime Guide

You know when you do that thing? When you hear an important date over and over (“Father’s Day is June 20th…June 20th is Father’s Day…”) and before you know it, you realize that day is now this weekend? I’ve been there. If you’re reading this, you may be there right now. Don’t worry friend, everything on this list will arrive before Sunday with enough time for you to wrap it or send it to your brother/dad/father-in-law and look like a thoughtful MVP.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021 | The Fancy One

Based on your emails, DM’s and comments, I know some of you out there are in a relationship with a fancy man. If he has alarms set for sneaker releases, regularly watches and reads GQ content, googles Lebron’s game day style or has says out loud,”that’s a nice suit” when watching ESPN, you’ve likely got a fancy guy on your hands. These gifts have a higher price point and are sure to feel special and exciting for the guy in your life that values that sort of thing- if that’s your thing.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021| The One For Everyone

Gift guides are my love language. We know this. For whatever reason, men’s gift guides are my favorite because they seem to be the most helpful. This is the first of a few gift guides-The Gift Guide For Everyone. No matter who is on your list-whether it be your husband who could use just a little more alone time or your dad who loves leisure or your brother who loves tech or your sports obsessed father-in-law…this gift guide has your back.