An Anniversary Staycation Guide

Last weekend, O and I snuck away to The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek for a quick staycation and it was the most beautiful, most refreshing and most special “trip.” I’m the world’s biggest advocate for a quick one-night staycation so here is a little peek into our stay as well as my guide for making the most of a getaway right in your own city.

Gingham, Please

I am a huge fan of gingham. My style leans much more classic than preppy so I don’t always love the things gingham are featured on but MAN, y’all. Gingham is absolutely thriving this season and I’ve never seen it done in a cooler way.

Moving Forward by Moving Back

This weekend, I made about sixty trips up and down the stairs with arms full of laundry baskets, moving boxes and optimistic carry-on suitcase after packing up three months worth of essentials for my family of five. You read that right-we.are.home. For anyone who didn’t know, our home flooded in the Texas storms so since February 15th, we’ve been living in my parent’s house. What we thought would be a one night stay turned into nearly three months and it has left me in a deeply reflective, overwhelmingly grateful state.

The Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

This Mother’s Day feels more important than others. I’m a celebratory person by nature but I can’t help but feel the weight of holidays this year. They all feel more important somehow. More necessary. My mother’s day gift guide is one of my favorite things to pull together every year and this one has something for absolutely everyone on your list (including yourself.)

Current Exercise Essentials

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know that my April goal has been to move my body every day. I’m thrilled to say that here, 11 days in, it has finally become second nature again. Here are the things I would call essential as I tackle fitness goals from home (well, technically my parent’s home since our house is still being renovated after the flooding and we’re on week nine of living here. Let’s do this.)